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Think it takes tens-of-thousands of dollars and a team of developers to get your app idea off the ground?
Think again.

You’ve put it off for too long. It’s time to execute. You’ve sat on the idea and you're positive it’s viable. So what’s holding you back? Or, maybe you’ve gathered the right team for designing, marketing and supporting the app but you lack one important person. The developer. You know... to build it.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t take an office full of developers and every bit of your budget to make a cross-platform app. Focusing on building Minimum Viable Products, an app can go from concept to store in a matter of weeks, not months. Exclusively using a modern framework that allows a single codebase to support multiple platforms, it’s possible to build and deploy iOS and Android apps in half the time it takes to make truly “native” ones.

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Ionic makes mountains into mole hills when it comes to getting an iPhone or Android app out in the world. Leveraging front-end web technologies (HTML, CSS & Javascript), Ionic provides a framework for quickly creating platform specific interfaces while also giving the freedom to create something absolutely unique. For the projects that need it, a custom built data storage solution (an API) opens the door to many more possibilities on top of an already powerful framework.

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