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Web Applications

Business Tools / Software-as-a-Service / Social Applications

There are websites and then there are web applications.
What’s the difference? A lot, actually.

Typically, a web application’s goals and overall purpose vary drastically from a traditional, marketing style website. A web application is typically a tool. Something you use to accomplish a goal such as manage data through forms (administration interface), sell a product (e-commerce) or allow administrators to edit the content of their website (CMS). It could also be a service style application, such as giving you access to music or TV shows.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

What is Software-as-a-Serivce?

Do you check your email in a web browser? Do you open Chrome to view your bank account? Do you order a order pizza online? These are all examples of Software-as-a-Service and they are only becoming more popular. Let me help create your Minimum Viable Product and prove your idea quickly and gain precious feedback on customer adoption and usage statistics.

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Business Tools

Do you have an idea for an online-based tool that could benefit your company or even your industry?

In almost every sector, there are plenty of tools to be created that solve common problems others either solve poorly or haven’t thought of yet. If you have an industry-specific problem there's a very good chance others face that same problem. This is where a web-based business tool can not only help your business but could be your next great income generator.

Ever ask yourself “Why am I using paper for this?”? Ever say to yourself “This free online tool just doesn’t fit my needs.” -or- “I can’t find a good solution to my business problem!”? Most of the world today is conducting their business online using free or paid services that they conform to instead of it tightly fitting their needs. This is where a custom web application can truly change your business and the way it’s conducted.

I’ve held large roles in building the types of software listed above. From conception, to laying the foundation, to debugging nearly untraceable application errors. Ready to talk about how I can help you with your web needs?